Sara’s StoryAn Acute Stroke Survivor’s Story

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Timothy L. Culver's New Book, 'Sara's Story,' Describes His Wife's Recovery and Battles with Health Insurance Companies


Text Box: Sara’s Story is about one family’s faith and support from friends and church in overcoming the impossible.  It also chronicles the battles fought with insurance companies to get Sara the coverage needed for recovery so that she can live an independent life.  The woman, who after 10 days in ICU was to never walk, talk, or interact with people again, now drives a car, has gone back to work, and takes care of her children.
You can buy Sara’s Story at Barnes & Noble, and other fine book stores.  Read the inspiring story and spread the message by joining our Facebook group “Sara’s Story”.   Look at what others said about the book
From Massachusetts 
...I am writing to you after reading Sara’s remarkable story; I found it very inspiring!  It goes to show you how much our Faith plays in the recovery of our loved ones, thank you so much for sharing your story with us!  I am a Catholic and attend Mass every Sunday, I sing in my Church Choir and we have a very prayerful community that is there for one and other as well, I don’t know what I would have done without them!...”
From Georgia
“...and its Men like You, Sir, that makes me want to be a better Man to my wife....   I can tell you’re a Christian.......May God Bless you more in everything you do!...”
From Georgia  	“...I’ve had the book for 2 hours and I can’t put it down. …”
From a former U.S. Marine
“… I received Sara’s Story by one Tim Culver on my front porch today from Barnes and Noble.  Brought it in the house around 730pm.  I read it in one sitting.  To Tim and Sara:  My brother, you are a very good writer.  And, with a persistence that is never ending.  Will choose you on my side in a fight any day.  My sister, a living example of courage, strength, will and grace.  And how the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit works in your life. Thank you for your story, and thank you for glorifying Him and helping others, as I know the book will do.….”

If you know someone facing a catastrophic health event like a stroke or traumatic brain injury, share Sara’s Story with them to help inspire and create hope.

Sara’s Story in the News
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Tim and Sara appeared live on 10/7

Tim appeared 10/7 on the Paul Edwards Program.
Tim appeared 10/6 on the Lars Larson show
Reuter’s Press Release

Click on this link to see where we can achieve $20 billion in savings in healthcare reform.  Also, you can review a statement on healthcare reform and read the bill.
Part of the profits from each book sold will be donated to the National Stroke Association.  Join the Culver family in supporting the National Stroke Association.    After the loans that Tim Culver took for Sara’s rehabilitation costs are paid off, the profits from book sales will to fund grants for those without insurance to attend the Centre for Neuro Skills. I encourage you to buy the book to support these worthy causes.  
Thanks to the following organizations and people for Sara’s recovery
	Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation and the employees
	Centre for Neuro Skills and the wonderful rehabilitation employees
	Medtronics—Thanks for the Baclofen Pump!
	Dynasplint—Thanks for your splints
	Invacare—Provider of lightweight wheelchairs 
		These allow TBI/Stroke victims to ambulate with one useful limb.
	Dr. Porter at Baylor Rehabilitation
	Dr. Peter Rappa (one of the best doctors in the nation) 
		His new book
		His location

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